Marching On

   I’m usually pretty quiet about my social and political views on social media. Some people, I’m sure, may criticize me for this. Silence is the least effective way to create change, I know. It’s really not that I don’t wildly support feminism and equality for everyone. I absolutely do and I try my best to put that into practice every day. I just don’t often know how to express what isn’t already being said. This is why photography means so much to me. In a way unique to only me, the things that make my heart sing, the things I want to advocate for, are expressed. Only they’re expressed through image instead of word. I’m still working on grasping the kind of writer I want to be but when all else fails, I know how to capture what I believe in and share it with whatever audience will listen and for now, I think that’s okay. The truth is, I’m still figuring out where my opinions stand in this world. As I work on becoming more vocal and more confident in my views, my good ol’ Nikon and I will do our best to be a voice.

That being said, a new kind of energy flowed through my veins as I attended the International Women’s Day march and rally on Saturday. I took the day off work as I was extremely disappointed I couldn’t be a part of the march in January. These moments and unity amongst people deserve to be frozen in time. It was invigorating and eye opening and completely inspirational. Should I have been surprised? Definitely not. The amount of resistance and spirit I’ve seen demonstrated over the past fews months has been incredible and refreshing. I am so proud to be surrounded by people who aren’t afraid to speak up and stand up. I don’t know if much else needs to be said right now. I just wanted to have a little piece of this day to share with the world. There’s a lot going on around us right now worth shaming but amidst all of that, there are moments like this. As unfortunate as it is that they need to happen, I hope they can restore your faith that we can do anything if we work together as a team.



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