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11There are moments in time that we often pass by without notice. A slight smile exchanged by strangers or somebody caught in a daydream. As a photographer, I love to capture those moments and as a writer I want nothing more than to share them with others just as I experienced them myself!

I’m a 22 year old Art lover and maker who is constantly inspiring, always inspired and overly (but maybe just the right amount) thrilled about life as it’s happening. With 143 days to go and a Nikon in hand, I’m traveling on a sloppy, impermanent itinerary to discover exactly that.

With so much world out there to explore, there are thousands of moments and stories happening every second. My goal is to seek them out and work to uncover the realness behind the people and pleasures in life that we pass by in our every day lives, and I mean truly just walk past.

I believe that everyone has a story to tell. There is always somebody out there just waiting to teach you something, you just need to go out there and find them.

One foot in front of the other, step by step.

For any inquiries, please contact me at: samantharobinpolzin@gmail.com

All photos are property of Samantha Polzin. ®Samantha Polzin. All rights reserved.

Profile Photo by: Hilary Camilleri of One for the Wall Photography (www.oneforthewall.ca)

2 thoughts on “About the Blog

  1. Just saw Candi share your blog tonight on Facebook and stopped me dead in my tracks. I just returned Sunday from Italy (where I travelled with my mom) and was also on the Amalfi Coast last week (Positano & Capri). Loving your stories and reminiscing .. we too met amazing people in our travels including my new ‘sister’ Laura who’s also blogging about her adventures http://eatplaylove2013.wordpress.com. Chuckling over all the ‘random’ meetings with the same people throughout your journey – that also happened to us (with Laura and several others!). Must be something in the Italian air ;).
    Will stay tuned in to hear about the rest of your adventure!

    • Oh that is so amazing! Aren’t the islands just stunning? I’m glad I could bring back some memories as I’m sure you have lots of them! Yes, the people are something else…and it really must be something about Europe in general that causes those moments to happen! Thank you for including this link! I will follow along with her as well! Thanks so much for reading along! 🙂

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