A Birthday Wish from Across the Sea

Today, I couldn’t help but show my love for my beautiful Mother. In Greece, it is the eve of her birthday and she’s turning twenty five but even that may be over shooting it, right Mom?

From across the ocean,  I needed to find some way to let her know (even more than she already does) how much I appreciate her. I sent her my wishes from the deep blue sea as I scuba dived for the first time. During my free hours of the day, I wandered around the island of Paros and photographed things that stuck out to me as beautiful. More specifically, things that I knew she would appreciate and love if she had seen them for herself.

My Mother has been the woman that I have aspired to be since the day I was born. Without a doubt in my mind, she is the most selfless person that I know. I can’t think of a single moment where she hasn’t put my needs before her own.  It’s the little moments just as much as the big ones that I couldn’t be more grateful for. She’s always striving to make sure that I’m living out my dreams and leading the happiest life possible. I hope she knows how much she has succeeded and the distance she has gone beyond.
She has a sense of intelligence that shines through her spirit. Her passion for literature and writing is a huge part of who she is to me, my fondest memories being ones of her face deep in a good book. I know that when she says she’s “been there”, she truly has. She’ll wrap me in a hug and tell me that “it’s going to be okay” and it always is. My Mom is a woman with all the right answers. She works hard for what she wants and has worked hard for what she has. I admire her drive and strong sense of work ethic she never lets go of, teaching me that if you want something bad enough, you’re going to keep your head held high and dance through what it takes to get there. Which leads me to her strength. No matter where she’s at in life, I am still able to hear her laugh and see her smile. She still shines like a super hero no matter what the day brings.ImageI am so blessed to call my Mom my best friend. Her company is such an incredible sense of comfort to me and I look forward to spending time with her whenever I can, especially as I grow older. We share a bond that you can’t have with anyone else in this world. A Mother-Daughter friendship is a very special kind and I am so lucky to have it in my life. Through my time away, I have met so many people who have asked me about my family and when I tell them about my parents, I just beam. When I talk about my Mom, I’m not even sure where to begin. Maybe that’s why I’ve spent at least three hours writing and rewriting this piece. I’ve deleted text and scribbled out words with ink.

I’ve come to the conclusion that there is really no way I can completely express to anyone how amazing my Mother is, you just need to know her.


She has given me someone to fall back on in my time of need, a crutch that I can lean on during those times where I swear I might collapse and an endless encyclopedia of smiles and guidance. She is a damn incredible role model and I hope that one day, I can be half the Mother she is to me.
Happy Birthday Mom
I love you and I am so thankful.Image ImageHad a birthday dinner by the beach and made a special toast! 


One thought on “A Birthday Wish from Across the Sea

  1. Oh my gosh, Sam!! What can I say to that amazing tribute! A big part of the reason I’m such a great Mom is that you’re such an awesome daughter!! I couldn’t have asked for better. You made me cry!

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